5 Most Common Windscreen Repair Myths That You Must Ignore

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The mostneglected of all the car’s components is the windshield. You spare it a glanceonly when the windshield glass gets damaged. As the windshield is a crucial safety component of your car, getting your damaged windshield fixed by the smash repairs Sydney in the nick oftime is of great importance. 

You will comeacross many misconceptions and myths that revolve around windshield repair or car insurance repair when you decide to get your damaged windshield glass fixed. It comes with a high cost when you believe in these myths. There are a few common myths that are associated with the repair of the windshield, and we have helped to debunk them for you as follows: 

Myth 1: A Small Chip or Ding renders no Harm 

A small chip ora ding in your windshield glass is quite a negligible defect being the mostcommon misconception. It is, however, far-fetched from the truth here. A chip, no matter how minuscule it is, can weaken the windshield glass in reality. A chip can expand over tie and increase in their size, eventually cracking up, although it might appear harmless. Most of the minor chips can be repairedthrough a simple fix.

Myth 2: You Can DIY it 

The better andcheaper idea here is the common belief of fixing the windshield damage with thehelp of the DIY repair kits. The truth being that though it is a cheaper option, it is ideally better than the professional repair solutions, however. DIY hacks ultimately are demanding total windshield replacement as it can end up worsening the windshield damage. A certified expert can easily inform you whether a windshield replacement is needed or a repair will get the job done after the damage assessment. 

Myth 3: It is fine to drive with a Damaged Windshield  

Driving becomesincredibly dangerous if your windshield is damaged. A chip or a crack canobstruct visibility and hinder driving, making it unsafe for you as well as the others are possible if they are in your line of sight. You can even get ejected out of your vehicle if you are not wearing a seatbelt. It can put you and the passengers inside the car at a higher risk of injury as a damaged windshieldwill also lead to failed airbag deployment. You should get your windshield repaired with the help of smash repairsSydney. No matter how insignificant the damage may appear, you should getyour windshield repaired to avoid such life-threatening situations. 

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If your car hasbeen in an accident, then you should get your windshield checked even if itappears unharmed, as it is recommended here. The accidental impact can support the frame and weaken the windshield glass easily. 

Myth 4: All Windshield Damages Warrant Replacement 

All kinds ofdamage to the windshield need a replacement as most people are under the notionof it. But, this is not the case here. There are a few of the minor damages that can easily be fixed by a repair that is undertaken by the trained technicians of smash repairs Sydneywith the cracks and others. The minor chips that do not exceed 40 mm in diameter are limited to the outer layer of the glass as they can be fixed by a simple repair by Car Spray Painting Professionals, for instance. A repair job can be quite effective if the minor damages are attended to it in their early stages.  

Myth 5: De-icing the windshield does not cause damage! 

De-icing cancause the glass to shatter as it can cause significant harm to the windshield.The sudden shift in temperature causes the glass to expand and compress rapidly, potentially breaking it when you pour warm water. The experts from smash repairs Sydney, therefore, needto get the windshield replacement or repair done easily. There can be a crack or a hole in yourwindshield when you use a pointed item such as a screwdriver to scrape off the ice. Significant scratches or cuts in your windshield can happen due to the scraping of the ice with a metal implement.